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3rd (& last) full day in Santorini

By the time I woke up, Andrew had already spent 3 hours driving around on the motorbike to ever corner of the island. He wanted to see the sunset and then I guess just took off all excited. He woke me up coming in the door at 9:30 and I found it hilarious that he was such a travel-nerd. I just wanna relax since we're on a beautiful island and he still needs to find some adventure...

We returned the motorbike and booked a day-trip for later and then went shopping for souvenirs.. We got a few, but I hate shopping for them because it's usually just crap no one wants. Then we just went and played cards until our excursion left!

We took a little boat cruise thingey and to get to the port you could either walk, take the cable cars or ride a donkey. We decided to take the cable cars down because it was quickest and the views were pretty amazing as well. Andrew promised me I could buy a donkey stuffed animal if I took the donkey back up (there are donkey themed things EVERYWHERE because of these lil donkers and I want one so bad but do i really need another stuffed animal? I'm 24.) We got on the boat, which was a glass bottom one! It was cool because we passed over a shipwreck and got to see it at the bottom. I wish we could have explored that! Then the boat took us to the hot springs to swim for a half hour. Jumping out of the boat into the freezing water, my heart was pounding and I was freaking out thinking I had made a mistake.. but then you swim like half a football field and you're in this nice, warm (albeit brown) water. It was reallllly nice. I had never been in hot springs before and it's so bizarre. Swimming back to the boat and feeling the water change back to freezing was pretty terrible though. Andrew gave me a head start and waited until I got half way to the boat and then started swimming and still beat me there. I really didn't realize I was a terrible swimmer.

Then the boat took us to the volcano. On our way there, the lady informed us that it was a public park and we had to pay 2 euros when we got there. Funny. I thought we paid for this excursion. Granted, 2 euros is not gonna break the bank, but why not just charge 2 extra euros on the tour and then pay for everyone when we get there. It makes no sense. It was cool to climb to the top of the volcano and it even smelled like sulfur at the top!

When we got back to the port, we went and got on our donkeys. I did it!!! Roth told me it was scary. Roth, you're a baby. The only time I was a little scared would be when the donkey would just stop for like a full 20-30 seconds and you'd be sitting there like uhhh go donkey... and then it was start going up the steps pretty fast and I'd be hoping he'd even out again lol. They were very stinky. Also, my donkey (who I named "donkey") was a clear leader and was always ahead of the rest of the donkeys (including Andrews) so I was sad me and Andrew weren't gonna get many pictures of each other.. but then we ended up closing the gap and it worked out. It was actually pretty cool because there was this dog that followed us the whole way up and I didn't realize until someone mentioned it, but the donkey would wait until the dog caught up to keep going. I guess the dog was some sort of donkey herder. He kept them in line. How do you train animals to do this stuff???

After donkey time, we went and got a chicken gyro for me and chicken sticks for Andrew and then went off to Fanari again to watch the sunset and have some Mousaka (had to try it!! I really didn't think I would like it, but it was really good) and Chocolate cake (that had raisins in it.. seriously? way to ruin my cake). Then home for tea & cards in preparation for our long travel day!

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i envy you guys... sounds like a once in a life time trip

by casciari4

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