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Travel day to Istanbul

We had to take a 6:15am bus to the port to catch our 7am ferry back to Athens and I was miserable waking up. My back really hurt and I didnt know why.. but Andrew made me breakfast (like he does every day :) ) and we set off

I had never gotten a stuffed donkey because I couldn't find one I liked that I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off on and we never got a Santorini figurine to add to our collection so we stopped at this little store near the dock and got both! :)

We had an 8 hour ferry to Pireaus (Athens port) and sat down at a little table near the food place... after the first stop, this group in comfy seats left and me and Andrew moved our stuff over.. it was nice being able to spread out.. and then at the next stop.. the ferry filled up like crazy. I guess it was because we took a night-time ferry over to Santorini, but that one was practically empty. We had a lot of options on where to sit. This old lady sat right next to me and then this crazy family filled up all the rest of the seats on our long table. The baby would go from laughing to screaming to crying all the time and I just got more secure in not being ready to have children yet. I decided to take a nap because Andrew was updating his blog and I had nothing to do (I had finished my book.. Sarah's Key.. RECOMMEND). Every time I woke up, this little old lady was closer to me. I felt like she was going to be on top of me the next time and I was starting to get cranky. She was really old and I couldn't get up to walk around without asking her to move so I just played about 100 games of solitaire.

After getting off the ferry, we had to find the bus to the airport and after a little bit of running (and a little bit of me being right when Andrew didn't trust me - seriously. He's the worst person with directions and i'm fantastic and he still questions me) we caught the bus and ate the lunches we grabbed before we got on. We got to the airport at 5pm for our 9:50pm flight. We figured we'd check in and eat and shop around or whatever. Well... check in didn't open until 7:30pm so Andrew sat on the computer working on his blog and I literally just sat there for 2 1/2 hours and people watched. It was really interesting for the first hour- hour & a half.. but after that, I got pretty bored. After check-in, we went through the passport check and decided after security we'd get food... when we got to security, we realized the only thing past it was the gate so we turned around and realized that since we already went through the passport section, we had about 2 options for food, both of which were really limited and absolutely nothing looked appealing. (one place with onion rings and beer... one place called FloCafe that was on the ferry as well and sucks - never has anything on the menu).. so we settled on the last 2 hot dogs at flo cafe and then went to the gate to play cards. We waited for the hot dogs for about 10 minutes and then the lady came over and told us they had been waiting on the counter (this was after she told us to sit down b/c someone would bring them over to us.. also i asked for no mustard and i got mustard on mine).. I told her that we were so stupid for not realizing they were there and she pulled me aside and told me to never call myself stupid in front of other people...

For some reason, all europeans hate meat. All of my sandwiches have had ONE slice of turkey on them and most food places have few meat options.. ESPECIALLY in the mornings. Breakfasts only consist of some bread option.

WE both passed out as soon as we took off and woke up at landing so the flight felt like a minute. After having to pay $20 each for Visas to enter the country of Turkey (what a bs fee), we went through the passport line again and went outside to find the shuttle bus to Taksim square. From here, the hotel website gave what I felt were unnecessarily extensive directions. We found the bus and it didn't drop us off exactly where the website said it would so it took a little bit for us to get our bearings, especially since it was so late at night. (around 12am-1am). The directions were also way outdated because a lot of the landmarks were not exactly what were listed (a Virgin megastore construction site? that doesn't exist where they said it would).. but it didnt take long for us to find our hostel. We got to walk down Istitklal Caddesi... the most fun street EVER!!! It was so late at night and still buzzing and made me feel so much safer that it wasn't creepy quiet and late. This city seems really fun and we are super excited to explore!

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