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Santoriniiiii <3

Hellllllloooo <3

So I'll pick up where I left off...

After the 7 hour ferry to Santorini, we got in at around 10pm... everyone seemed so confident in getting into cars and we didn't see any taxis.. I saw a bus with the "Blue Star Ferry" decal on the back and just showed the driver the address of our hotel and he told us that the bus does go to Fira (the town our hotel is in).. so we hopped on... I was completely confident until Andrew pointed out that we really had no idea what the hell we were doing or where we were going (thanks.) and then I started to freak out realizing that it was pitch black and I had no idea what we would do if we didn't get dropped off in a place with a lot of open stores and people around... Luckily the bus stopped in the middle of Fira and I just had to walk to a travel agent person and she pointed us in the right direction (after asking if we needed to book a room there of course)... We got to our hotel and the owner was waiting up and he was so sweet and adorable!! He showed us a couple things on a map to make sure we try and see and we were off to our room. He asked us if after the first night we could switch rooms because there were problems with booking... I wouldn't have minded at all and then he was so SO SO apologetic and grateful when we weren't mad... It made me happy we were staying somewhere with such nice management.

Andrew woke up the next day, our first full day in Santorini, and went out and got us groceries since this place has a little kitchenette as well (a sink, fridge & hotplate haha). I didn't wake up until 10 (hey we're on an island.. I get to relax now right? wrong... you'll see...)... We decided (we? I dont remember agreeing to this) that we'd walk the Caldera Path.. along the.. well.. Caldera.. the inside crescent of the island. Did I mention its 6.5 miles? It runs from Fira to Oia (which is supposed to have amazing sunsets.. but we didn't plan on staying that late) and after 6+ miles of walking in the beating down sun (the sun is RIDICULOUS here), I was mad/sad/exhausted and we took a bus back. Oh here's another fun story...

So we get onto the bus and Andrew whips out his tunafish and a piece of bread.. I look at him and I'm like are you serious? We're in an enclosed place.. that's rude.. and then the guide guy comes up to Andrew and yells at him for not only eating on the bus (which you're not allowed to do), but also stinking up the place.. Andrew laughed it off of course and I was mortified.

On our way to the path for our walk, we stopped in a few stores and I got 2 cool bracelets and a scarf/necklace thing thats hard to explain but pretty cool.. and when we got back I realized I had lost one of my cool new bracelets :( I was super bummed b/c I had just bought them and they weren't expensive or anything but I'm just sick of losing things! It's been happening a lot! I had taken off my bracelets and watch during the walk b/c about 3/4 of the way through, I realized both of my hands were REALLY swollen so I thought maybe taking off anything that could hurt circulation would help.. but it didnt. I put the bracelets in my purse and the one must have fallen out when I took out my little lemon change purse to pay for the bus.

We had dinner at a restaurant on the Caldera called Fanari. The sunset was beautiful from here and I had this INCREDIBLE chicken and pasta in this "pepper feta sauce." it was soooo good. When our waiter brought us the check, he brought along 2 little shot glasses of some sweet wine. It was absolutely terrible. I had to have Andrews because after one sip he made a face and wouldn't finish it. He was also pissed that they didn't have tap water and made us pay for big bottles. lol

After dinner, we went home for some tea. Our hotel has these cute little pots that look like sauce pans shrunk down just for tea. I want one. Also, Andrew's been noticing all the pergolas (google it. i wouldn't have known this term either.) and wants one even more for our backyard... with columns.. haha we're gonna look so ridiculous but I love that it's making him so excited. Right before bed, we realized how burnt we got. I have a sweet neck burn, back burn, shorts tan line (this one is a new one.. never had a shorts tan before), sandals tan (which is getting worse every day) and heres the kicker.. a NICE tan line on my collar bone from my purse since it goes across my chest and I didn't think to take it off during that ridiculous walk. I hope it fades before work starts.


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sounds like a real adventure. i am glad u are having a great time.

by casciari4

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