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2nd full day in Santorini

After breakfast, we sat down and planned the rest of our trip. It looks like we decided on 3 days in Istanbul and then flying out of Amsterdam to come home on the 28th. This also means we get to stay an extra day in Santorini! Yay!!! Also, idk if I mentioned this already, but the tap water here tastes absolutely terrible. Actually, I misspoke. It doesn't really taste bad, but it doesn't have any taste. It's the most unsatisfying water I've ever had. I'll drink a whole bottle and not feel any better, and after being in the sun all day every day.. that really sucks.

The first thing we did was rent a motorbike. Andrew was so freaking excited and couldn't wait to get on the thing. He had to pass the rigorous test of the guy asking him if he could drive and then we were free to take the thing (really? thats it?). We started driving around aimlessly because the island is really small so we figured we couldn't get very lost. We ended up going up this huge mountain and I was getting more and more scared and FREAKED out.. I made him pull over and I was throwing a fit. I seriously give him so much credit for dealing with me because I was acting like a lunatic. We ended up turning around and on our way home passed a winery (Santo Wines) that was recommended to us by the owner of our hotel. Since we were already there, I told him to pull over and we ended up staying for a while.

We first had a little wine tasting with 6 wines and some cheese and the hardest bread you'll ever eat in your life. We found out the terrible sweet wine we had last night at dinner was called Vinsanto and is what Santorini is known for (ick.) After our tasting, we got a tour of the winery which was really cool. Andrew made me take notes on the process and if you're really interested in knowing about it, you can visit his blog b/c he laid it all out (boundlessadventures.travellerspoint.com).

Next stop was Ancient Akrotiri. Andrew was driving less like an idiot so I decided I could handle the motorbike for the rest of the day. This was really cool because it was all inside and covered by a building, so we were walking around this ancient site but weren't in the beating sun and got to take our time. It was really cool walking through what was essentially a little town with different buildings and homes, but all in ruins. Seeing things like the "bathtub" in a house (i've become very skeptical of everything they tell us about these ancient sites.. i feel like theres no way to know the information they do in the amount of detail they do and just kind of guess on a lot of it) was really neat.

After Akrotiri, we went to the red sand beach. Andrew swam while I held our stuff because there wasn't really anywhere for me to change into my bathing suit and I didn't want to risk changing behind this cloth little barricade like Andrew did. The red sand beach was neat.. it looked like half red sand and half black so from far away it just looked pretty dark. The water was a really nice temp too.

We left the red sand beach, dropped off our motorbike at the hotel and then went to the caldera for sunset, but missed it by a few minutes. After searching around for someplace to eat, we decided on this place called "McDaniels." I chose it because it had gyros and chicken sticks, but then found it hilarious that it had the atmosphere of an Irish pub. I'm becoming obsessed with gyros. They put french fries on them.. and I don't even like french fries.. but they're SO potatoey here and i LOVE the taste of them on my gyros.

On our way home, we stopped at the little market right near our hotel, and Andrew just wanted a peach. He's picking them all up and testing them out b/c half of them were rotting, and the owner was right next to him the whole time, trying to grab a peach out of his hand to bag it and couldn't understand that we wanted to check them out. After that, we went to a different place for eggs and the guy tried to pass off giving us 5 eggs in a 6 egg carton... It was just a bizarre couple of things in a few minutes.

Then we went home... had some tomato & cuke salad and tried to figure out what we wanted to do once we got to Istanbul because, to be honest, we really didn't know what to expect!


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