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We're boarding!!!


We should be able to update tonight because our hotel has wifi! Love yous!

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Problems before we even leave!!!


Sooooooo pretty much everyone who would read this blog has expressed concern over us going to Egypt and we therefore decided to cut that out of the itinerary and choose a different 2nd destination. The problem is, we haven't figured out where we're going! And we're leaving our house in less than 12 hours!! Andrew's cousin is coming over to hang out so when she leaves, we're going to sit down and figure it out haha.. things are already exciting ;)

We still need to pack.. after last trip (Andrew lugging around my duffle bag because it was too heavy for me), we decided to just pack one backpack each for this one... so that'll be interesting. Guess I'll be roughing it for the next 2 weeks :-D

Okay - off to fold my last load of laundry and put off planning and packing for a couple more hours....

LOVE YOU! we'll miss you all so much!

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